About Ohio Valley Electric, Inc.

Owner John Chase:

"I enjoy working with people and saving them money while improving their environment. I like installing solar panels to save homeowners money. I like installing LED to save commercial customers money and increase profits. As it is often said people are eager to go green as long as it makes sense financially. I can show first hand that I can save money, I can save overhead, I can increase your profits, I can increase the amount of light you have, I can help you see better. I can do all of this with a payoff that is with in any business plan on investments for a payoff period that is typically between 1 and 2 and a half years, this is dependent solely on the number of hours the lights are on every week."

"A lot of light upgrades offer a 25% savings on the lighting KWH cost, ours can offer a 60% or more savings. If you are going to upgrade your lighting why would you go to a slightly more efficient fluorescent bulb with the same problems that all fluorescent bulbs have, short life, ballast replacement, Mercury disposal cost, fragile and very breakable. This is all the same technology that we had available the last century. Use technology for this century, use the most efficient light source available, use a clean light source, use a long life light source, use a low maintenance solution, use LED lighting."

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