Why Go Solar?

Electric Rates Are Increasing

Vectren users in Southern Indiana pay the state's highest rates.

Investment Opportunity

Over the next 30 years you can pay over $150,000 in electric bills or invest a fraction of that in solar. Solar in Southern Indiana returns 10-15% APR.

Home Value

The National Appraisal Institute says that every $1 solar saves on your annual electric bill equates to an additional $10 value on your home.

Clean Energy

Reduce the amount of power made locally by dirty coal power plants.

Our solar costs are more competitive then the other "solar installers" because we are not just solar installers but are also electrical contractors and this is just part of our business. We can be cheaper because we do not rely only on solar panel installations to pay our bills and therefore we can install at a better cost point then our competitors. Solar has a 30% federal rebate and has a typical return on investment of about 7 and a half years. Solar can offset the entire electrical bill of a customer or we can install a scalable system which can be expanded as your budget allows.

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